Kampala Jamming!

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A Kampala jam! It is indeed an experience. There are times you have to just switch off the engine and wait! And what makes it even more interesting is the drivers who use the opposite lanes to overtake the line of cars in front of them and block the on coming vehicles, what makes it even more fascinating to me is the sight of the traffic police standing there watching it unfold! Now over the past few days I must confess that I have been cursing under my breath, I have been, in my local vernacular “toting” these feelings harbouring on resentment for driving on the roads of the city. But right on queue, just to remind me, what you focus on grows.

So I get in the car, and it’s the switch off and wait type of traffic jam filled with stunts and driving on the pavement and all. I am in the car thinking, how does it make sense to have such disorder, I am in the line of traffic and I ease forward and a truck hits me rear! Hmm, did the car just get hit by a truck? I am sitting there frozen. The truck driver is now berating me in his language. I look at him! I look at the car, there’s a dent, I sit down for a minute to think and the minute maybe was too long because the truck drove off! Ok then! No number plate, no nothing!

 I survey the damage, its not too bad, I get back into the car (btw, the traffic on my side hasn’t moved yet, I still don’t know how the truck got away)

I am talking to myself, listen chick, focus on getting to and from your destination safely, bless this road every time you step in this car, stop cussing it! Try that from now!


Tried it this morning, worked a treat, so I am going to try it with the other things that I have been cussin about, how calm will I be? Yayyy! I like calm!




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