Are you controlled by a memory?

You will know you are being controlled by a memory if you insist on doing a certain thing in a certain way, because you are convinced your reason for doing it is right.
You can be pretty sure you are being controlled by a memory when you interpret the things you see or hear in whats that cause you anger, fear and resentment.
When a memory of something you have forgotten is controlling your life, you will say things that are not true, you will do things that are not productive, you will hear things that are not said, you will see things that are not there.
You will respond in ways that are inappropriate and out of character
In these cases, your soul is calling out for healing. (Until Today)

What are your triggers? Do you know?
Things that tick and piss you off so easily and most times have nothing to the other person? You trip! You cuss them out believing that they deserve it because that is "just how you are"
Or maybe you withdraw, disappear, cut them off, because "that is just who you are"

Perhaps you may need to look at them for a hot minute? I'm just saying.....


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