“it is being honest
my pain
makes me invincible.”

― Nayyirah Waheed

I once thought that I had to do everything right, I had to solve all my so called problems, I had to be independent and do all the "proper" things, I had to be quiet and polite and nice! Where did I get those ideas from? who the hell knows! But I can tell you something it is bloody tiring to be playing miss perfect! This thing we called life, perfection is not a requirement to live it, it really isn't! Then I was introduced to life, it's challenges and pain and all the other good stuff. There was me still on this so called "having it all together, perfection road" well at least in my own mind I thought I was
Denial is really lying to yourself! Thank you Universe for showing me a different path.

No one is exempt from this process of life and it's ups and downs. Share your stories and do it in an empowering way which serve you first and then others! Stop being fake and pretending that its all honky dory! There are others out there going through the shit storm as well! Awareness and acknowledgement initiates healing and growth.
Let go
Live a full authentic life
Admit when you don't know
You don't have to be perfect
and know that it is really all lessons
feel the feelings, all of it, feel all of it
Those who judge you well stop, get them off the bus, bless them and keep moving!
The ones who live a full life are the ones who got back on the bus and kept moving rather than parked up and stayed in one spot!

In my first book, I poured it all out, it saved my life, it really did!
 I feel now that I can do anything! And I'm doing it!
You may not want to go down the road of writing a book, you may have another way of letting it all out, do it!
Come join me, it really is a lot of fun!


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