Our only problem is thinking we have a problem.

Our only problem is thinking we have a problem. The thought that "I don't have it yet" is the problem. We need to be enlightened from thinking we need to be enlightened. All that has to change is that thought, and the thought changes nothing, does nothing, because we are always already enlightened, always already happy, always already perfect. God created us that way and we can't change it; all we can do is forget it and pretend we are something else. ACIM

One of my many teachers said to me in response to a situation that I was going through that was kicking my butt "This is happening for you, not to you" and I remember this always mainly because on the other side of it all I learn, I become, I grow and that is a beautiful thing!

Are you always looking at what you don't have, what you think you need, what is missing, and not "here" yet? Isn't that exhausting? Why not try this start with what you have, set some goals, objectives and  high standards and move towards them with the belief that it is coming or something even better will? It may not look the way you want it to look that doesn't mean that it isn't working or that you have to continue focusing on "it" not coming or "it" being a problem.

The thoughts based on lack and limitation only create more of the same, I'm just saying......

Change those thoughts and see what happens, believe that!


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