Go there with your full heart and soul

We choose to grow by letting go of what’s no longer working. Sometimes this requires some mourning. Go there with your full heart and soul. Danielle La Porte

I had the extreme honor and privilege to be invited to be the key note speaker to launch the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Federation of Women's Inc on Saturday. This is the oldest women's organisation in the country! 70 years old is no mean feat! 

The wisdom and love in that event was off the chain, and one of the founding members was there on the day. The both of us sat chatting on the growth, changes and lessons she and the organisation went through over it's life. She told me that it started when some women had to sneak out of their houses to meet and sometimes they would have to meet in secret. Now today, they have three properties, including an early childhood learning center and women all over the country have the right and freedom to go to any type of meeting they choose! I for one, will never take this for granted, knowing how far we have come and those who paved the path for me to do what I do! Let me never take this for granted, let me be a statement of what someone fought and worked for, let me honor my ancestors with my decisions and actions!
And what I learnt also on Saturday is making this far comes with letting go of what is no longer working, what is weighing you down and take some time to feel how that feel, do not bury it, take some time then move on! There are some things, people and thoughts that cannot go on the journey with you if you want to move ahead, make peace with that and move merrily along! We love to hold on, to be sentimental. There is a time and place for that, when it no longer serves you, it's brutally honest, wasting time and blocking your blessings!

Thank you to the Federation for paving the path
And truly I am left in awe of how every damn day before this one is responsible for the ground that I now stand on


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