Being prepared is an act of kindness and intelligence

We never arrive at a place knowing it all. For as long as we are alive we are challenged to grow, learn evolve and mature. Love is a decision is a destination, you must choose to walk in it live in it and become it. Rob Hill Sr
Yesterday I was asked to spend  day with 25 young people, fifteen years of age as part of a programme called "The Winner Within" - This  programme developed for youths from the so called marginalized areas  who have challenges in functioning in society according to the status quo definition. Yesterday the aim was to chat about self-esteem, confidence and living authentically. I must admit that this is the most challenging gig that I have done this year.

Why? I was unprepared.
What  do I mean  by unprepared? I have not been on the ground working with young people on the margins of the society, I stopped doing that a while back for reasons such as having a different focus. Unprepared meaning leaving love out of the equation at the start of the session. Unprepared meaning using a one size fit all session yesterday. Unprepared meaning that I was impatient and wanted them to sit be quiet, listen and ask questions. And what they did was the complete opposite. The challenged me, they took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to see them as they are, their authentic selves.

I learnt  yesterday that being prepared is an act of kindness and intelligence. I  learnt that I had to switch the plan immediately! Flip the switch. Work with love and kindness and firmness and flexibility and openness. I learnt that I must walk with those tools to every gig.

The participants were brilliant, they were open to sharing, they were being themselves and doing what they have learnt, looking for attention and love by any means they think they will get it. They showed up as themselves.

I must admit that I thought what are we doing?  what are we teaching our young people by example? In the end I decided to take the opportunity to do what I can with what I have to the best of my ability and leave the rest! and get prepared, super fast!


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