Visualize a positive outcome

What are you worried about today? Why?
Rather than worry about it, would it not be
a better use of your mental time to visualize
a positive outcome? Use your mind in this way today
and you will have tapped one of the most
extraordinary tools God has placed in your hand
for the creation of your tomorrows.
Neale Donald Walsh

Have you ever blanked out when it mattered? Have you ever been in a position where you were doing something and you froze, stalled, the lights went out? That was me yesterday in a room full of people making a presentation to people from as far as New Zealand. I blanked out, forgot what I wanted to say! I stood on the stage and looked out and thought OMG! OMG OMG! 

Ok love, stay calm, say something, anything! A few seconds passed that felt like eternity and the words  started flowing again. 
When I was finished the Master of Ceremonies said, I really liked your presentation. I thought to myself if only you knew my brother, if only you knew!!
When I got off the stage I an apology to make, for calling the wrong name of the organisation that was responsible for me being up there
So you know me by now, always looking for the lesson!
I realized that I haven't done a power point presentation in ages, it is no longer a main part of my delivery on the road, I also realize that the nerves still flare up no matter what and most of all I learnt that I can recover from a "fall" quickly! 
How many of us "fall" and stay there, as Lisa Nicols would say "take out real estate" and talk about it over and over again without realizing that it is something to pay attention to rather than keep! Life is like that, shit happens and then what?
You can't beat yourself up, well you can but what good will that do? 

The truth is that there are many positive ways to deal with a negative situation, and experiencing your negative feelings doesn’t have to constitute a negative experience. Denying your feelings is not only unhealthy for the mind and the body, but it may also rob you of valuable information you could be learning about yourself and your life.


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