Let the vision come forward

Let the vision come forward. Let the idea lead. Let the goals find themselves in conversation. Let the personal writing be viewed. When you get the urge to do something nice, act. When the inspiration to create sparks, create immediately. Maxie McCoy

Les Brown, the renowned motivational speaker, always says " the place with the most ideas, goals and dreams is the cemetery as more people go to their grave with them rather than act them out. When I first heard it I laughed, I thought, maybe just maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but as I meet more and more people I am not laughing anymore. 
The dream and gifts downloaded into you specifically, what are you doing with it? 
This may just be something to bring you joy, to give you a boost, this may not be the nobel peace prize winner or hitting  the jackpot! It may just be something that puts a smile on your face. That makes you happy. Are your fears, your friends or so called friends' response to it, or whatever excuses made in fear more powerful and important than that?

Your gifts are the gateway to your greatness, and let's put that into context. Greatness is for me just your highest best self. Your gifts, lead you to that place of joy, peace, happiness and that can only be a good thing for you, the people around you, heck the world
And you say you don't have time?

If you don't know what your gifts are, make time to find out. If you do, use it, and walk through that gate, your greatness is waiting on the other side!


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