To not decide is to decide

Live a whole life .Work can be an important part of our lives, but we should never let it be how we define ourselves. Putting all your energy and resources into your work may feed your ego, but if you’re relationships are falling apart, your health neglected and your spiritual life ignored, you could end up sitting alone in your castle of glory. 

I walked in the boxing gym, the coach gave me the "you are late stare" I walked over to him he handed me the skipping rope and said " you are weighing in today, the fight is on August 1st in Arima" 
The grin on my face grew into one of those that said " if I don't laugh tears will flow"
"Coach, I am out of the country on the 1st"
"Listen, this is enough, you came here to fight not to run, when will you be ready to fight? It's been too long, time to face the battle on the ropes"
I swear he thought I must have been Rocky Balboa or something and preparing me to fight!
"Coach for real, I am out of the country on the first"
I got the dirtiest look, he said "no wraps on your hand, gloves only, let's go"
After three rounds of sparring, my hand was burning, I wanted to cry, he said "you keep running, just keep it up, one day you will get tired and it will catch up with you, we're done for tonight"

I walked out of the gym and thought about what he said, keep running and you will get tired. Why not decide? Why do I wait until it's critical to decide and to not decide is to decide, you end up living by default, shit hits fan a whole lot in that mode!
Decide! And to make another choice is to decide!
And just for the record, no I will not be fighting on 1st August in Arima I will be in Toronto sharing lessons on the journey but by then a decision will be made on my fight!


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