Use the tools

Scarcity is a state of mind, a loop of negative thoughts rooted in fear. It stalks all of us. Not only do we fear not having enough, but we also fear not being enough. We may even fear our own perfectly Divine Self. Fear causes anxiety, and we don’t like how it makes us feel. We take action to suppress the sense that something’s not quite right. Whether we prefer shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, or fighting, our “drug of choice” numbs our physical or emotional pain and the nagging we feel inside. We find temporary relief and mistake it for happiness. But the absence of pain doesn’t equal joy.  Juilana Park

On the journey, I use a number of tools, I know that I need them. These tools sometimes dig me out of holes, help in pulling me up out of the valley, inspire me, make me laugh, slap me back into reality and sometimes just sit with me and keep me company as I move along. And so, one of my tools is the work of Juliana Park. She came up with a lovely methodology called the Abundance Loop. When I am falling into my pit of doubt of whether the self employed path ought to be continued I go to Juliana. Why? to remind myself that fear causes anxiety and that scarcity is a state of mind, to continue to press on and believe that this too shall pass. 
What a wonderful thing it is to have tools and even better is to use them, there are so many tools around and quite a few of us feel that we can do everything all alone! That my dear friend, is a very tough journey and quite unnecessary! Use the tools, make the journey exciting and simple and get your ego out of the way! We really are all in the same boat! There is nothing wrong with you, it's life!  



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