Take care of your mind Dumplin.

 “Our mind is a womb.  It brings life.”  As a woman you cannot be careless with your thoughts, your speech, your intentions, your time, or your life.  It all has powers and will create things, whether we intend them to or not.  Get careless or thoughtless and your mind will create careless and thoughtless circumstances.  Who wants that?  I don’t.  Take care of your mind Dumplin.  Monitor your thoughts.  Be intentional in the books you read.  Be intentional in the television you watch.  It all matters. Iyanla Vanzant

One of my favorite prayers is "Lord, today let me not be careless with the working and use of my mind" I say it often because I know the power my mind has. I am a co creator of my life and it starts with my mind, conscious or unconsciously we create, the thoughts we think, the words we speak. They start showing up in reality, in our lives.

The moment I learnt to "stand guard at the door of my mind" from a group of women in Uganda my whole world started to change, simple, just like that! I fall back into the trap ever so often of being mindless but how wonderful is life to show me through what is going on around me what I am thinking. Things start showing up in my world and I'm like oh oh stinking thinking, get back on track!!!

I practice daily, I ask myself " Hey awesome, what are you thinking?" Sometimes I say "Oh snap, snap that sista, do not let your mind dignify any nonsense"

Careful now, this may mean spending less time with some people, or doing things you did before, you recognize right away when people are not paying attention to their thoughts and words. It is a journey, that means, changing your programmed thinking will not happen overnight, rest assured that awareness is the first step.

The mind is really a terrible thing to waste!
So awesome people, what are you thinking?


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