Day 1 - Book Tour Updates

All the self-deception in the world can only hide the truth, not change it - ACIM
I love to fly, I love the entire concept of sitting down for a few hours and boom I am in a totally new place, delays and all! I love the unpredictability of the experience, I delight in the unexpected because life is delighted to deliver it, I play along. 
First leg of the tour is NYC- Sunday evening I am a part of the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago in New York City's Emancipation Day Celebrations. They have a lovely celebration put together and I am very humbled to be asked to share my book.  Before this though, on Friday evening I meet with the organizers of the following weekend's event tonight at 8pm for a dinner meeting, absolutely lovely lady, I am very excited to meet up with her again!

So, as I was waiting on the delayed flight , my mind racing about why or what was I doing, thinking, and feeling to have changed a friendship I thought I had. It got me feeling like a two cent(we used that slang on the street I grew up to mean feeling low, don't ask me how we came up with it but it was most popular) so there I was feeling like a two cent because I did not accept the truth that things have changed and our communication is now at best random two line sentences, regardless of why, that is the reality of it. 

Acceptance is a tough one isn't it? But absolutely essential in moving forward because as Iyanla says "you have to call a thing a thing" and then when you do you can take the appropriate action.

Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there's got to be a way through it.

After acceptance the work can begin.

So what is acceptance?
Acceptance is what We are.  No judgment, no control, no manipulation, simply being love.
Do not judge anything.  When you see the bigger picture one day, you will understand that everything is perfect.  Everyone, everything, every moment is in perfect balance of where you are now.


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