Day 6 - Book Tour Updates

Father, help me today to realize that I am abundant. The storehouse of my mind is filled with miracles. I can come to this storehouse and, in this holy instant, receive them. You entrust them to me for the giving. Let me pause often today, to meet here with You, and then carry these treasures forth to offer them to the world. This is my whole purpose in life; this is why I am here. Marianne Williamson

The flight got delayed by two hours as I was checking in they told me "Miss your ticket does not include your bags you will have to pay for them I was upset, I started telling her who sells tickets and pays for bags separately? Then I stopped because it wasn't about her, the taxi sent me a text, he had been waiting over two hours now and the price would be doubled. My aunt sent me a text that she needed money for Saturday's event. I turned off my phone. No more texts  about money please!
As I sat on the plane thinking about it, I realized that abundance comes into my life in surprising and miraculous ways so chill out, and focus on the task at hand and put a plan in place! Stop worrying and start doing, start believing.
So today I have a day off, I am visiting a boxing gym in Manhattan and Karaoke   later on tonight
Have a super duper Friday


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