Day 5 - Book Tour Updates

You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behavior of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do keeps you from thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from thriving. It is not what they do to you; its what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you. Abraham.

Knowledge bookstore is da truth!! I walked into the store and it spoke directly to me. My favourite authors on the shelf, wooden floors, art and sculptures all around all set in an old Victorian house. The owner, Sean, made the place look like home. 18 years ago he and his wife decided to start the store and people called them crazy and here they are almost 20 years after with one of the best and baddest stores on this side of town.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to present my work at this store and give thanks for getting here!

I am flying back to NYC today, 2 more events left on the tour!


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