Just be all right with it!

In all relationships, regardless of their nature, there comes a time when you understand that there are some things you will never understand. 
When you are standing in that moment, just be all right with it (Iyanla Vanzant)

Over the past few days my sister from another mother and I have been having a major difference of opinions. That may seem normal as we are both different individuals however, in my case, I have learnt that conflict is something I run from like Usain Bolt and there is still the residual of the whole people pleasing gene that I am getting rid up that flares up ever so often.
So, we each said our piece, she was mad as hell, spitting fire and I just could not wrap my head around why she was so angry at what seemed to me as a perfectly normal conversation and opinion we had been having for the past few weeks.

I kept asking myself  "What is the lesson here?"

In life, certain people will impersonate understanding, they will smile at you. They will assure you that everything is just fine, They may even say yes I understand. Yet when the moment comes for a demonstration of understanding all hell breaks loose, there is miscommunication, misinterpretation and misrepresentation.  Certain people will impersonate compassion and concern but when the moment comes to demonstrate this, what you will experience is abandonment, betrayal, rejection, neglect and insensitivity
Do not be alarmed or shocked!
Here's the thing we all have different experiences and different definitions of the same experience.
What we see, hear and do and expect in life is always based on our own personal experiences.
So knowing this now has made things so much easier for me to step back and view the situation from a different perspective instead of just wanting my way or wanting other people to understand my view, sometimes they just can't from where they are standing, what they have experienced and what they are willing to do, hear or have seen.
So, from the start, clarify what I am saying, say what I understand and what are my expectations and then be ready to let it go! Another lesson learned!



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