Day 3 - Book Tour Updates

Question if you still love what you once loved 
We hold on. Because Love does that. Embracing, rocking, reserving space. Love holds, it treasures, it tucks away for safe keeping, it loyally protects. Holding on is one of the many great powers of Love.

And it feels so good to hold on that sometimes we forget to look at what we’re holding on to. Danielle La Porte

Ana drove from Montreal to come to the event in Toronto, a clear 6 hour drive, she walked in and while I was wrapping up and I paused, so shocked, so happy, so grateful for the effort she made to come see me, she had to leave after the event to get back to work. I will always remember my time in Toronto just because of Ana and the effort she made to see me!

My cousin who I grew up with who moved to Toronto and I haven't seen for years and years made sure that everything was in order, she was at my side every step of the way! more thanks to give!

A Different Booklist is a historical bookstore, in it's 20th year, it is almost like a community center for people of the diaspora who live in Toronto. The event was held on the "island" the back of the store under a tent, very homely, very open, almost like a bar b que held at one's house.

All the books sold out, every one! I give thanks to each and everyone who came out and made

As the event was done, we went to have a drink, drove down Queen street, passed through Yonge and looked at all the new and shining changes because of the recent PanAm games which finished last Sunday and I was smiling

Today I am chilling out, spending some time with my cousin and getting ready to go to Knowledge bookstore tomorrow
Here's TO the Journey!


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