We came to fulfill our potential

We did not come to planet earth to meet our mother's expectations or our father's or our spouse's.  Ruth Clothworthy

Who's life are you living? Who's dream are you fulfilling? Who's vision is unfolding in front of your eyes? 
By now I know that nothing is random or coincidence. One of my friends came to visit from the UK, she mentioned that she wanted me to go with her to visit a family friend. We drove for about an hour and a half and got to the place, one giant of a man appeared at the gate, my friend whispered to me have you seen the size of his hands and feet? I took a peep, turned to her and said his palms must be bigger than my face! We immediately started calling him BL, short for big limbs!
He asked me while I was in Manchester what was I doing, I told him that I was studying. He said why did you choose to study is it for you or are you living someone else's dream? I thought this was a weird question! I told him I wanted to! He said that's great, go brave and promise me that you will not study just to become and intellectual international ass! I thought this is going to be an interesting visit!
And then he said something in between all the talk that resonated "the reason it is called your life is because you alone can live it, when you live your life for someone else you give it away, and then you give away your power, joy and can have little reasons to be blaming other people and acting an ass." I realized he liked that word!
Why are you doing the things you are doing? Are you living up to some one else's standards? Are you doing it out of a sense of guilt and obligation? Examine that for a moment because maybe just maybe you may need to make some different choices and take back our power.



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