Are you begging for it!

We’re all going to try and play cool at some point. Not always because we want other people’s validation. But because we’re making up for what we don’t feel for ourselves.
And you know—boyyyy do you know—every single time you’re playing the I’m cool please like me game. You know it. Sometimes it pops up out of no where. Just tumbles out of your mouth. Your coolness, begging for airtime. Maxie Mc Coy

During a meeting today, someone I respect, I mean highly respect, said to me " you're one of those down to earth types who really don't give much credence to what people wear, look like or their image" I paused. I then said " I will take that as a compliment and say thank you" She said " you ought to, I mean to say that you really try to focus on the person and not their image as opposed to being one of those people who are fixated on that and it clouds their judgement" 
Listen, at that moment I said to myself, "self, you are now clear that what you believe and feel in your heart and mind, you don't have to say out loud, shout it out or make a statement, it pours out of me in what I do, my actions" and I said that because I did make a conscious effort to see the person, to see them, not what they wear or pretend to be, and sometimes I get it twisted, sometimes I get judgmental I forgive myself earlier now and move on
Your actions show who you are and yes image plays a part but putting paper over the cracks, sometimes people can see the cracks and what do you do? Don't hide the cracks, make excuses for it, blame other people for them, light comes in there too and so does air and when we admit and know they are there we get to make a choice, a conscious choice about them.


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