Univestigated Stories

The problem is usually our uninvestigated thinking, and this happens when you’re mentally in someone else’s business. Uninvestigated stories leave chaos and resentment and hatred within our own families and circles. Until we investigate nothing else is possible
 Byron Katie

I love Byron Katie's work, it is simple yet effective to me, I love simplicity! And it basically says that many of our assumptions and made up stories affect the decisions that we make, she talks about asking ourselves when something happens or pop up that we start making up scenarios, assumptions and stories - is it really true? And that's a yes or no response, nothing else
Univestigated stories, assumptions and scenarios cause quite a number of unnecessary challenges. Someone does something or says something, and we attach a meaning and story on to it which in many cases has absolutely nothing to do with us. 
When we find the courage to ask a question, and asking ourselves first is very important, it this realy true? We get a totally different perspective on things.

I have been practicing this  asking of questions to clarify what is said this week and it has been quite an eye opener as it will either give you the answer to your query to make a more informed choice and decision or you can tell if the person is willing to answer and engage in communication.

Find the courage to ask


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