Sometimes just know

Sometimes….Just know that you know…. And let that be enough
you do not need anyone to validate or co-sign what you know

One of my favorite lessons on the journey is "Act like you Know" it is the philosophy that once we become aware of a situation our behavior must reflect that new information. The action after knowing ought to reflect the new knowledge, if that action is not carried out then one cannot say that they know! And then I bumped into the Boss Iyanla's reading this morning and it took this lesson a little bit further "I do not need anyone to validate what I know"
Oh bells and whistles!!! How many times have I sought out validation for what I know for sure only to get a different perspective follow it and shit hit the fan? Oh too many times
How many times do I want people to agree with me because "I know!" and when that did not happen I am, as they say in my country, blue vex! Yes people - just know that you know and let that be enough for you to act, to believe, to move, to trust, to cry, to live.
No need for it to be co-signed. Start from there...
That is where I will be starting today



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