What is an excuse?

Using the past to validate why you are where you are today is called - - - an excuse. Excuses cripple the mind to the power and presence of possibility. Instead of continually giving the past power, intend and expect something more for your future. What you do today determines what you experience tomorrow. Iyanla Vanzant

Oh  we can all justify what and why we are where we are doing what we are doing!!! 
Oh how we can make up excuses for not doing and having what we want! 
Oh how we can blame and project
This morning I had a meeting with the University to chat about me completing my unfinished PhD. I sat there and heard the rationale, the excuses, the reasons, the justification for me not resuming the programme! When they fell out of my mouth and into my lap I stopped. 
Oh my word, I am using the past to validate where I am today! Jeez!!! What a penny dropping aha moment!

What else have I been making excuses about?
 Oh boi, am I ready for the truth
They say sometimes the truth has to slap you... Twice!

Our expectations become our reality, we get what we expect, what we believe and life loves us so much that everything in our lives are mirrros so when we pay atttention we get to see what we are thinking internally because it is reflected in our external lives that is the brutal honest truth whether we beleive it or not!

So yes, the excuses, the justifications, they are a form of fear and fear as we all know is part of the thing we must go through

So go through..... hard!


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