Problems are Messages

Problems are messages, if there are problems in your life, the Universe is trying to get your attention. It's saying "hey, there is something you need to be aware of, there is something that needs to be changed here" Marianne Williamson

Keep doing the same thing and you will get the same results. That I am almost sure you have heard before.
Take a survey of your life, Spiritually.Emotionally.Financially. Socially. Relational,Physically. Vocationally. Take a closer look at each of these areas, are there signs and messages there that is saying pay attention, take a closer look? Be honest, no excuses, no justifications, no judgments
Sometimes the messages are clear and sometimes they are subtle - you must be paying attention and be willing to admit that there is something that needs to be shifted.

And listen, I get caught up in it as well, wanting things the way I want things even with the messages, the signs, but we don't know everything, we cannot see everything and there are times to pay attention, become aware and be very very brutally honest with ourselves.

Do you see how you have settled, you have put up a hammock there and thought is was the beach, you have settled, you just made yourself comfortable and decided that this was your lot in life. You alone have to decide that this is not your lot in life
There are somethings you just have to say no to
There are some places that you absolutely must not go

But this involves being honest, letting go of the making excuses, being defensive, escapism, it's a decision you alone must make
The moment I made that decision my life began to change, decide and act, it took me making that choice and becoming willing to be emptied so that I can be refilled
I was now ready to see beyond the circumstances, the present and know and believe that there is more to life than these feelings
So, over to you...
You are worth it
Claim it


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