True Healing is not a Band Aid Approach

Because humanity is accustomed to instant gratification, we are oftentimes resistant to the process of healing and spiritual purification. We like to pop a pill and make the pain go away but the pill never truly heals the pain – it simply masks the pain for a short while and then returns again. True healing, which is spiritual healing, or the healing of the soul is not a band-aid approach. True healing requires us to get to the root cause of our distortions so they can be unearthed within the depths of our being and brought to the surface for our higher spiritual light and consciousness to shine down on them so they can be cleared from our energy. (Raise Your Vibration)

Healing is a process, a process can be defined as a series or actions of steps to achieve a particular end. 
It is not a one off event, steps are required and inside there a little bit of courage and willingness and healing is not only when one is "sick" 
Healing is defined as the process of becoming sound, becoming whole, becoming healthy.
So what is the process? Do you know the process? And most importantly are you willing to go through the process? A process takes time and a level of commitment and guts!

Get to the root, and take it from there
Cause and effect 
Deal with the cause not the effect


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