Question it

You have to be clear and separate what you think and what you have been told to think - Rev Deborah Johnson

Have you ever questioned any of your core beliefs?
The things that people told you and you believed
I was told for most of my life that I have sinus problems and should stay away from certain things and places and foods. I repeated that for quite a while until I realised wait, what bloody sinus problems do I have? none at all, been restricting myself based on what my folks told me mind you I did have it as a child but just an example of how we keep holding on to things that may not necessarily be true or does not serve us.
Question your beliefs, what you have been told
Shape your own mind
Look at the things that you think about and see if they are really true for you
And the ones that you were told not to believe as well, they may also hold some home truths for you
And then make a decision in your own best interest


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