Ghosted? I know that guy that was full-on obsessed with you for a few weeks. But he’s no where to be found now, so drop it where you found it. If you respected yourself as much as those who love you do, you wouldn’t give him the time of day. The universe was just making an (abrupt) shift. For something way better. Maxie McCoy

Big lessons with me and the fellas.. I'm just saying....

Marianne Williamson talks about our belief is that what is happening is the only thing that is going on and that is more times than not, the full story. There is always more, so remember that when you are making the thing bigger than it really is.

And I got it eventually, drop the expectations

Listen, not having expectations doesn’t mean you get walked all over. It doesn’t mean you don’t have values, integrity, or desires. But leaving expectations behind lets you evaluate what shows up exactly as is—instead of what it is in relation to the made up image you had in your head. It’s taking life at face value. It’s allowing life to literally be what it is. And from there you can decide… is this how I want to be treated? Is this how I want to feel? Is this the energy I want around me? Is this the value I want to give? Does this bring out the best in me?
Expectations. Where are you holding on to them? How are they jading your experience? How are they robbing you of presence? Figure it out and leave ‘em. Be present. And find love of the moment instead. Embrace it.



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