I am willing to see things differently - A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

ACIM says that our good intentions are not enough, our willingness is what propels us to move towards the life we desire to live or the task we want to complete. If we are willing to see things from a different perspective, willing to do something new, that is the start of transformation.or getting what you say you want. Willingness....
I have been in a situation for the past few weeks and my "good intention" has been right at the forefront of my mind. And there it was, the lesson - be willing, be willing to see and do things in a different way. The willingness propelled me to a whole new place. A new mindset.
Willingness is defined as "the quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness"

Prepared to DO something- do something not talk about doing it
Do something- not talk about why you cannot do it 
Do something - not moan and complain about why and why not
Do something - not wait for the "right time" 

Readiness - get yourself ready 

and then DO it!

That takes a level of willingness

Intentions is the start, following on from that is committing to it, acting on it, reflecting and review and then course correct

and all of those steps takes the decision to be willing


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