I love listening

I love listening. It's one of the only spaces where you can be still and moved at the same time - Nayyira Waheed (one of my fav poets)

Learning and listening fascinates me, it allows me to be completely in the moment, I can sit and just be quiet listening to not just people but the sounds from everywhere that I am, in the park, in the mall, walking down the street. It keeps me in the now
Listening is something I learnt on these latest journeys. I realized that me just waiting for someone to finish talk so that I can talk or interrupting someone while they speak I missed the moment, it sometimes even dismissed people's point and made them feel dismissed as well. I remember I was in a town hall meeting with quite a few people , ok not a few, it was damm near crowded and here I was after learning about how listening keeps me in the moment decided to practice this lesson. An elderly gentlemen stood up and started talking, with a passion and verve that drew me in even further, I was listening to him like he was the only person that existed at the moment and I started crying (so very much unlike me) the man's story brought out so much emotion I didn't touch my phone I didn't make up stories in my head about his outfit and how long he was on the floor I was so engrossed in his story that I felt the emotion, although I was crying it actually felt really good, like a connection to him. I said to myself, I really like this listening thing!
I am also very aware of persons who don't listen now since I have started to listen and recognize how to work. live and exist with them.
Listening brings me back into the now ..... and now is all I have for sure!


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