Letting Go

To those who are divinely meant to be in my life I WELCOME YOU. I have a lot of love to give... To those who are not... I send you love and peace on your journey.
I release, relinquish, and let go.I bless 2016 and all that is to come!  Shanel Cooper -Sykes

I loved having things go my way, it has been almost like an obsession, I remember growing up my mother would get frustrated and say to me in annoyance "You always want YOUR OWN WAY, life is not like that baby girl" And this "wanting my own way" spilled over to relationships especially with men. I would have a singular focus, to the point sometimes of crossing my boundaries, even sometimes making dishonoring choices in the name of having it my way and wanting it to go the way I want it to go. This process took some undoing. This process took me to a place of recognizing that boundaries and self love, self honor and letting go is a huge part of the journey and part of having my own way is a combination of ego and wanting to be in control. Fear based thinking. As I go into 2016, I know for sure that letting go takes courage, discipline and self love. It is essential on life's journey, having things my own way when they go against the tenets of self love, of peace, of good common sense. When having your own way is pursued to "avoid looking bad" , to get back at the other person - to show them that you are right and worthy, it is a bad idea.
My intention is to let go, bless and learn the lessons in 2016, a little different to having it my own way


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