I chose and I am proud

I chose peace over chaos and I am proud of my choice.
I chose spirituality over materialism and I am proud of my choice.
I chose to dream more dreams rather than to live a nightmare and I am proud of my choice.
I chose to embrace real life rather than get lost in a fantasy and I am proud of my choice.

Natalie Stewart

So I rented a car from the airport, they were supposed to have the car ready for when I get in. They had the wrong day and there were no cars available at the time and may not have for a while "they didn't know as it was a busy time but we apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to get you one as soon as possible" I stood there and had to make a choice. What would it be? I want to maintain my peace and I want to let them know I was also quite disappointed having made these arrangements well in advance. So I said to the guy very calmly "I am quite disappointed, can I get a car and how long will it take I know shit happens I want to maintain my peace and leave here with a car"  He stopped for a few seconds and said "thank you I appreciate your patience I will make you one happy lady with a car as soon as possible" I was out of the airport in just under 2 hours, tired but peaceful. Choices and consequences
This morning, the same car, broke down I was on my way to run, I called the company, same guy, he had a litany of excuses,I was getting annoyed, my voice started raising and then it clicked, what is the best choice right now? I stopped and told him the same thing " I am disappointed AGAIN and I require a car, what say you?" He brought a replacement and said, to me "I was expecting a serious blowout, we keep disappointing you" 
I told him, this ain't about you bro! But be prepared for consequences!
So what choices have you made that you are proud of?


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