I release

confusion and struggle are not feelings. They are both conditions of the mind. It is possible that you are bumping into a resistant belief. Once you identify what you feel, choose what you desire to feel and claim it - I choose to be and feel . . . I now release confusion and struggle. When or should those thoughts surface again simply declare - I RELEASE! Iyanla

You can’t wait for permission.
You can’t wait for other people to value you
You can’t wait to see yourself through the eyes of other people
There is something within you that has to say I AM and that’s enough, let that be enough
Don’t look on the outside, claim it on the inside
We all have creativity, genius, desire, passion, talent with all kind of things that are awesome
Dare to believe
Get off the bell curve- where the majority go to cluster
The pioneers and the miracles are not in the middle
See the possibility, dare to live it
Let people catch up
Don’t you go out to the naysayers
You do you and let the naysayers come to you

Just say yes


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