Your duty is to place yourself in the best case scenario

Do not sulk
Do not give up
Do not invest your energy in people who do not value you
Your duty is to place yourself in the best case scenario but not on some creepy capitalist crabs in a barrel tip
But by proving that you are worthy of magnificence 
ESPECIALLY when your faith is wavering Natalie Patterson

Life is always sending us signs, every moment. We can pay attention or we can ignore it and the beautiful thing is that the message will keep coming around until we pay attention. Sometimes the whispers become screams. 
Paying attention is not always what we want to do because it goes against either the status quo, the norm, the ego, the "way it's supposed to go" So we ignore, justify and move on, we escape in fakeness, alcohol, shopping, food, excess, reality television and living other people's lives.
It may be that we find ourselves in the same situation over and over again with the same people- romance, jobs, friendships. and wondering what's wrong with "them"
According to Iyanla "Begin to become aware of every thought and spoken word that you attach to the following: I-She-He-They - Can't or Should or Shouldn't or Won't or Never
Each of these is a judgment that will set you up for a negative experience"

Life is so awesome, it shows us everyday it's awesomeness, are you paying attention? Pay attention to the signs it leads you straight to the awesomeness and along the way there are potholes, go over them, through them, navigate them  knowing that they will in no way destroy the vehicle!


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