Grasp the reality on what matters

that there are times and situations when we become so focused on things and people that do not serve us that we lose our grasp on what really matters. Iyanla

Make a list. Take out a piece of paper and pen right now, or perhaps your smart phone or tablet and list right now what really matters to you, no filter, no judgement. Then look at your actions and see if there is a gap, are you doing anything in your life that really really matters to you? And if not, why not?
The first time I did this exercise I paused. I looked at my life with the most non judgmental and willing point of view and made the shift, doing things that mattered TO ME and to MY LIFE and MY VISION. not to the things that do not serve them and yes I slip sometimes but I am more aware now and take a shorter time to regroup and recover

So what are you focused on and why?
And is it serving you? Is it serving your vision, (do you even have a vision for yourself?)
Are you focused on things and people that do not serve you?


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