Anything else is bullsh*t

When has shrinking ourselves because of fear helped us? It has never helped. Fear is an emotion that should visit and when it leaves, it should make you brave. It should make you want to do more, create more and learn more. Fear is normal but when we let fear stay too long, it paralyses us. Ijeoma

Anyone who asks you, demands of you, suggest to you, hints to you to downplay what you are doing and how you are being, I am suggesting you run far like Forest.
Anytime you feel a knot in your stomach as you approach something that you really want to do but is different to what you have done before I am suggesting to you that you go for it, to feel the fear and do it anyway
Jump to it as Aretha sings, that fear is a sign that you are doing something massive
Anytime someone feels uncomfortable for just being you, put on the Forest shoes, and run
The people who are in your corner are real! they tell you what they are feeling with authenticity and love, they are happy for your growth and success, anything else is bullshit
So you choose


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