Day 8 - Why Are You Here in NYC - The Book Tour

You will know you are being controlled by a memory if you insist on doing a certain thing in a certain way, because you are convinced your reason for doing it is right. You can be pretty sure you are being controlled by a memory when you interpret the things you see or hear in ways that cause you anger, fear or resentment. When a memory of something you have forgotten is controlling your life, you will say things that are not true, you will do things that are not productive, you will hear things that are not said, you will see things that are not there. You will respond in ways that are inappropriate and out of character. In these cases, your soul is calling out for healing.
What was going on THEN will continue to happen NOW as long as you forget to remember it. A repressed memory will push itself into your consciousness to be healed. It will stand up until it receives the attention and recognition it deserves. Everything you have experienced deserves to be honored and embraced. Yes, some things also need to be healed. Until you are willing to remember the things you have learned to forget, you cannot participate in or benefit from the joys of healing your life. Iyanla Vanzant

The Brooklyn Library was a great gig, I was pleasantly surprised they brought a class to share lessons on the journey - the room was packed, standing room only. It was streaming live things looked rosy
Just before that I was frustrated as hell, I fell down the stairs in the library, cut and briused my hand, couldn't get the projector to work, the person to take pics couldn't because their battery was spent, I breathed out and said okay, things can only get better!
As I picked myself off the stairs, on the verge of tears, I walked in the room, full house!! one lady asked me if we were ok for seats she had a few more people she wanted to join! Thank you Universe
To top it off my cousins surprised me and showed up and was standing at the back, haven't seen them in years!
Confessions on the journey time - I'm tired! I really want to lay down for a day and sleep- Sunday for that!! The show must go on until then. So grateful for these experiences, so grateful for the people who show up and support, so grateful that I get an opportunity to share my stories and have fun while doing it. the gratitude will help me through until Sunday night!
Until then
To the Book Tour


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