Do it afraid

Do it afraid - Yeradami

I head to New York City for a gig this week - the Why Are You Here in NYC - Book Tour
I must admit, I feel a little scared about the entire thing, I am appearing at some pretty historic venues, it's new, its unknown but then,I realized a long time ago that a big dream, a big transformation is supposed to scare the crap out of me, the bigger it is, the more I am scared about it but at the same time know that it is just a part of the growth process
I am pretty grateful to all the people who supported me in getting to this point, it really does take a village! The people around you are important, and the people are around you is a choice.
As I sit here thinking about the task ahead I can tell you this I know for sure- doing the work, having the faith, and leaning into the dream makes for a pretty awesome combination when on your journey
Stay tuned!


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