Day 9 - Why Are You Here in NYC - The Book Tour

There's no guarantee that everything will turn out exactly
the way you want it to, but there IS a guarantee that it
cannot possibly do so if you are afraid to even take the chance.NDW

I took Friday evening off to chillax. It's been a full on week. I went to the MOCADA Museum, spent some time with my aunt at the first full solar powered restaurant in NYC. I also met a friend in Manhattan we had dinner then walked around like kids gaping at the lights on the sky scrapers and people watching
Balance - how important is balance and how do you define balance?
I think it is a case of including into the mix activities that inspire you, activities that bring you joy, activities that connect you with like minded people, activities that get you still.
That is my definition of balance
And the old saying all work and no play....
that's real


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