Day 3 NOLA

Taking myself seriously doesn’t mean not making any more mistakes. It doesn’t mean being perfect. It doesn’t mean having it all together.
But it does mean taking my foot off the break when my intention is to accelerate.
It does mean putting a lid on my knee jerk self-deprecation and downplaying.
It does mean expressing something with gravitas and then shutting up to let it land
. Kate Northrup

It's the flip side! New Orleans is soul surgery not just because of the awe inspiring workshops that I have attended so far, that coupled with being with my cousins have woken up something inside of me that fell into a long deep sleep. 

I grew up with 8 of my cousins, in the same house either living with them or them being at the house daily after school until they were picked up by their folks, we were all close in age and a few "only" children in the mix. We were our own little gang of buddies until at about age ten or so we all either moved or went abroad, time passed we grew up and grew opinions and judgments and had fights and lives that excluded one another - Life happens!
Until the proverbial shit hit fan and one of the 8 buddies died before even hitting a good 35 years old - well that certainly was a wake up call. We decided to make an effort to be in each other's lives once more as much as possible - technology also helps big time. And so, these few days I have had an opportunity to spend time with these ladies who I am so proud of not just for their academic and career accomplishments but because of the people they have become- I am learning here about acceptance, authenticity, lack of judgement and not taking myself so serious. I really just ought to be ME!
It is said that your family relationships are the container for growth and healing - it is the place where the the majority of our lessons and most importantly you choose which family you are born into to learn what you need to learn (yeah that's some high heights there right??) 
Day 3 and onto see - in person- one of my favourite's the incomparable Ms Iyanla!
Give thanks


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