Day 1- Why Are You Here in NYC Book Tour

Repeat this over and over again…I am unshakable. I am unmovable. I am un-messable-with. I am solid as a rock. I am confident. I believe in myself. I know that I am capable, worthy, and able. I know who is in me. I know that prosperity, abundance, lots of money, and lots of success are available to me. It’s my birthright. I’m supposed to have that. I’m a leader. I have some thing powerful and valuable to give to this world. But I can’t give anything if I’m broke. I believe that my destiny is here today. I believe that my opportunity is here today. I believe that today is my day to access all of my miracles. Shanel Cooper-Sykes

I was sitting here doing some calculations, just before I had to go to the airport to catch my flight. 
While I was sitting there I am talking to myself, the Cooper-Sykes quote above was on brain repeat now  to drown out the self talk, the doubt that sounded like OMG you must and have to sell some books to have any cash on this tour because the flow is low- how did you get here ........again!  What about this class don't you get, what about the lesson is giving you the challenges. I started asking right there for help, this was triggered to by a conversation  I had yesterday at  my hair dresser, who fell in a wisdom well, maybe before she was born. She said to me "Yaki, you don't seem to ask anyone for anything, how can you share your life if you want to do everything yourself, practice asking" I swallowed that, smiled and said nothing. Have you noticed when someone gave you a truth slap it stops you dead in your tracks? Well that happens to me BTW
So I asked one of my dear friends to take me to the airport, I asked another one to assist me with the logistics of the Book Festival on Saturday and I asked the Universe for guidance
I'm still alive! 
So with all that said, NYC, one of my favorite cities, welcomed me with open arms, hopped in the taxi with the I am unshakable speech on repeat, felt pretty good after being at the airport for three and a half hours before boarding the flight.
Let's do this NYC!
I'm here


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