Day 7 Why Are You Here in NYC? - The Book Tour

Commit to small, daily actions. They build into big ones. Everyday actions lead to the large leaps. And they help build our foundation for confidence Maxie Mc Coy

Word up Bookstore in Spanish Harlem - a wonderful space, run totally by volunteers and a community centre of sort. A totally welcoming spot. I shared the stage with a young upcoming author called SapoDilla, we read from our books and discussed topics such as authenticity, purpose and telling an empowering story, I had fun doing it

What was the lesson? No matter where I am, I am supposed to be there, it may not look like I want it to look but have faith and trust the process that life is communicating to you at that very moment and my responsibility is to listen and choose.

Today I'm at the Brooklyn Library Grand Army Plaza
To the Book Tour


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