Do we set up ourselves to be resentful?

This is what can be hard, about adulthood: you are aware that you have choices. You are aware that your choices have consequences. You are aware that you might make a big mistake and need to retrace your steps to restore equilibrium in the wake of that disastrous choice.
What we sometimes do, however, is set ourselves up to feel resentful.
How? By knowing that we have options, yet being afraid to act on available options–and then getting resentful that we don’t like where we are. It becomes a form of ignoring the fact that change, while hard, is possible. Sometimes, when we’re afraid to make changes, we blame it on circumstances. We get resentful, the more we blame.

So the whole choices thing again! Yes, the old free will concept, the ability to choose- which is one of the things that separates us human beings from the other species, get's me ever so often
I get to choose- note to self, reminder, newsflash
And when I feel the strong urge to justify my choice, most times  it is a case of not I being totally happy with it or  there is some fear involved or I am looking for external validation - none of the above is helpful.note to self,reminder,newsflash.
As a result, I have learnt that when I am at peace with my choice  there is no feeling, need, urge, or excuse to justify the choice, there is no need to get external validation, no second guessing, no dishonoring of boundaries and gut feelings.
The "truth" needs no defense. It really does set me free.
And what is real is real- the sun does not go away even if I block my eyes from it
Blaming solves nothing - it's a complete waste of time
There is no good sense in not making another choice
There is no good sense in dishonouring my self, not keeping my word to me and,
Being resentful gets me ill
So it all comes back to making another choice and choosing again and again until I am at peace


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