Attachment is a way of saying I don't have any faith in anything else.

I know what this is
I can handle this
Attachment reflects a lack of faith in your ability to learn Iyanla

The best thing for me about travelling is learning to let go
Things change at a moment's notice
The focus is now, the focus is living in the moment, the focus is faith in what comes next because it is usually unpredictable
Sometimes it may be as simple as seeing something in a store that you need. The decision must be made right there and then as you may never see the store again or the item again
Human beings are creatures of habit, it's safe, it's comfortable, it makes us believe that we are in control, like we are moving ahead and making things happen
Newsflash - making noise, screaming at people, projection and ego decisions are not "making things happen"
And so the lesson is not only living in the moment but having faith that making a decision with the best of intentions will always be the best one in the moment
I have been practicing the art of surrender, of letting go when I have done the work and put in the effort, people call me courageous or brave, I am just paying attention and having faith, we all can do it


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