Day 4 Why Are You Here in NYC?- The Book Tour

There is little more soul destroying, artery furring and excruciatingly abrasive to the sense of self as a bad job. To hate what you do for a living means a bit of you hates yourself for being there, not having one clue what you want to do next and knowing there's no one to blame (the government, Brexit, Simon Cowell or Global Warming) except yourself. Carole Forde

The Harlem Book Fair - an explosion of culture. The roll call for Saturday's event was 8.00am I am staying in Brooklyn- quite a journey away. Got up early and excited to head to the roll call on time. My aunt who flew in from Texas to assist me - bless her got a belly pain just as we were about to leave the house. I had to ask her if she was more nervous than I was! So we were delayed while as we say home "she handled her stories"
The rush was now on, I plugged in the directions in the Google Maps and we were on our way
As we approached the area it seems we were lost - what? it's on Google maps!!!
Good old fashioned ask someone came into play, and yes we were far away from the spot, it's now 9.30am I am sweating
At 9.45 I finally reach the destination blowing, sweating, and praying
"Hi Welcome"
Is that it?
"we are happy you made it"

I think it will be the last time I fuss about what is for me!
The Fair was a great experience, I met a few authors, I am having one of my readings with the lovely Miss Sapodilla on Wednesday who was at the book fair.
I met a lady from Uganda and we shared a lot of memories and stories- she bought the book as well
And so , the end of Day 4 I was a happy author!
Tonight I will be reading at Bluestockings 172 Allen Street New York 10032
Come on down


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