Day 10 - Why Are You Here in NYC - The Book Tour

Everyone has dreams. There’s not a single human on this earth who doesn’t wish for something. There’s not a single child who doesn't have a wild wish for the future. And there’s not a woman reading this who doesn’t hold some kind of dream close to her heart. Every single one of us has a wonderful contribution to make in this lifetime. We all have a calling. Maxie Mc Coy

The tour has come to an end, I'm preparing to head back to base. It's been an awesome ten days, I will always remember them. 
My top five lessons were
1. My comfort zone is where I rest, not where I live - be prepared to jump out of the zone ever so often, see what is there and know it will be okay in the end
2. I can't do this alone - and I will not ever want to - the support was tremendous especially when I let it flow
3. Flexibility is essential - my way is not the only way or the best way - and leave room for surprises - in other words, don't be a control freak
4. Believe in myself - just believe - or who's gonna?
5. Do your best in the moment 

To the Book Tour.....


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