I will figure it out

I will figure it out – that may mean waiting patiently for the answer to come, turning tirelessly over every stone.It may mean praying until you sweat.
I will figure it out – if you declare you will figure it out the possibilities are endless.You will figure it out – you are the only one who can  Danielle La Porte

I am in figure it out mode - There are so many pieces and nuggets of advice coming from all sides, I know for sure many of them are coming from a place of love. I also learnt that since my life is my responsibility I have to make the decision, do the work and stand the consequences and that ultimately means that it really is up to me to decide. People seem to have difficulty in accepting that when one makes a decision that is different to what they have suggested and want it does not always mean disrespect, or being dismissive and God forbid, not valueing their opinion
Your life is YOUR life and the consequences for your choices are yours, also, people's personalities are also different shaped by their beliefs and past experiences
I frustrate a lot of people, the ones who want it NOW, the ones who speak loudly, the ones who are "assertive" the ones who are flash dressers, the ones who are climbing the corporate ladder, hell even sometimes the meat eaters
I am now comfortable with the fact that I cannot please everyone and to stop trying to
Just figure it out
No harm in asking for opinions
Or listening to them
but in the end the choice is mine, and so are the consequences
I also learnt that if you haven't done it, and I haven't asked you for your opinion, I don't really want to know


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