Is the old method expired?

Action just for the sake of action isn't always helpful. Maxie Mc Coy

"How many of us go into a new situation using old methods but adamant that the old methods will work when there are clear signs that they are no longer applicable?"

This was the theme of my speech on Wednesday to a group of professional women who meet every month to support each other

I thought it was fitting to talk about the being courageous enough to do something new, especially when in a new situation- Now I am not knocking the old just saying that many times we default into the way we would usually do what we do, unconsciously, like a nice old blanket
What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
Pay attention
This is where paying attention comes in
Be present
Be attuned to where you are and who you are with
Practice it, take one occasion, just one and be fully present- that means - train yourself to be fully there, not thinking about tomorrow, what is left to be done, what you told your friend or coworker or what you would like to tell them if they only lose their right minds and step to you again
Being present I have learnt makes a way for new methods, new experiences, different approaches because we show up not only present but with an open mind and a willing spirit

Many times I have a planned programme in place to deliver and it goes out the door, because the present situation says- this is not the most suitable for this present moment- I have to trust my intuition and myself that it is the best decision at the time
I have to be courageous enough to do a new thing

Show up
Open mind
Willing Spirit
As yourself
And see how the magic happens


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