Day 5 NOLA

I am the women of my dreams; each stage of growth, a woman unapologetically herself has emerged. This becoming myself is a process. Ijeoma

Well what have we here? We arrive in time to get our seats for the day's workshop and there was a buzz about, there were extra security, there were loads and loads of people, I went to the front to get my seat, ushers appeared and said I will not be able to sit there today. 
"You cannot sit here today Ma'am it's reserved"
"Since when?"
"Since Oprah is speaking today"
Oprah? Are you sure?
Yes Maam

Well no problem let me just get back one seat
My cousins and I were like OMG he said Oprah! We started acting like pure groupies, jumping and screaming like kids

The Empowerment Experience as it was called was pure joy, exactly what I needed to hear
To Lean into the dream
To Let it go, surrender when you have done all the work and prayed
To set your intentions from the onset
To define your own terms
To always be you, authenticity is the best thing ever
Man, I sure did choose the right time to be there to get this message and I want to now share it with you

Thank you Ms Oprah



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