Day 2 Why Are You Here in NYC?- The Book Tour

Love rests in certainty ACIM

Only uncertainty can be defensive. And all uncertainty is doubt about yourself.
So after a much longer journey than I anticipated I made it to JFK. I got into the taxi, the driver was rather friendly, he asked me where I was from and guess what else? yup “Why Are You Here?” I told him I was from Trinidad and Tobago and was on a book tour, he laughed and said so not only rock stars go on tours! He mentioned that he was from Azerbaijan and if I ever heard about his country it’s two hours away from Russia, I told him that I was in Russia in 2014 so he got even more excited. He asked me if I was confident about my work and my dreams and to make sure that my work is not only to pay bills but to live because that’s “bullshit” I started to answer and he said to me that all uncertainty is self-doubt! Hmmm note to self – pay attention anyone can share lessons on this journey.
It starts now- straight to Brooklyn Library today to meet the people who helped make this possible
Give thanks – Claire, Neive, Phoebe
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