Focus and Do the work

The ego will help you remain in denial about the things in your life that need healing by helping you put on a fake mask of happiness, health and contentment. The ego will keep you fearful of change and it will help you justify your repetitive patterns that truly no longer serve your highest good. Our egos blind us and keep us in the darkness of lower self re-creations over and over again making it difficult for us to access our higher consciousness because we are too busy projecting our issues outside of ourselves onto other people. Instead of spending time in inner reflection really connecting with our true being allowing ourselves the time to SEE and FEEL what is going on in our own life, we are more interested in looking at the chaos, dysfunction and pain in other people’s lives so we can keep ourselves distracted and feel better about our selves. Sabrina Reber

Focus on you, focus on your own life, do the work
Doing the work means to be with yourself for a minute, go to the places that scare you, where it hurts ask where it comes from and see why it hurts
Be honest, be brutally honest
Do the work means explore and investigate what is possible for you

Focus, do the work, stay in your lane and stop minding other people's business because you would really need all the time to take care of yours


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