What's your story?

You give meaning to everything in your life. No situation comes with a label good or bad. Everything is neutral  ACIM

The Olympic fever sort of overtook my mind for the past few days, its all pretty exciting seeing and feeling all the greatness and inspiration. Best moment for me yesterday was the women's basketball between France and Australia, last seconds France was up and out of nowhere a shot from almost the other end of the court went it! Awesomeness all round! Anyways, life goes on and today I was having a moment and I remembered meeting a woman in India. I've learned that there are no coincidences in life, its all part of your path the people we meet and you meet them most times to learn something about yourself, some lesson, most times we are not paying attention.

So I saw this woman and she looked like my grandmother I was most intrigued and I approached her, she said I am from South Africa and here to learn from these women here also. We started talking and she started giving me stories about how she was arrested in the struggle and her experiences in prison and having to leave and live in Botswana and is now so proud and happy to be back home, at age 72 she is living her best life. What struck me in all this is how she was telling the story, not one ounce of bitterness, remorse, or negativity. I asked her, aren't you just really upset about all that you were put through? She says to me "I use my story to UPLIFT ME and UPLIFT OTHERS, What's your story?". In this journey, you're going to have many stories, how will you tell it, how will you see it? Oh snap! That just resonated with me so much! She says how do you tell your story? Iyanla Vanzant says it best " Tell your story in an empowering way that it empowers you and heal others" Right there and then I started thinking how do I tell my story? Some of us get high on the story and forget the lesson! 

So what did I learn today?What did I learn today?  I dwell in possibility!! What story would you like to live? Woe is me or an epic one? Do you have the guts, balls, strength, courage, determination, patience and faith to live it? Do you want to blame, project and deflect or do you want to take responsibility?Everytime you blame another you lose your power.Can I blame the world, hate my enemy, feel sorry for myself as an excuse for what not to do  for what I desire to do? Or can I raise my consciousness , pour love into every situation and take responsibility for myself? I choose to tell my story in an empowering way!



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