May I remember how much I have

May I remember how much I have
by remembering how much I have to give.
May I not be tempted by smaller things
but serve my larger mission of forgiveness and love. Marianne Williamson

When all hell has broken loose and I feel that it’s all over or ready to pack it all in. I remember to be grateful
I start small
I woke up this morning
I am well
All my limbs are in tact
I can see the birds outside my door waiting to share my banana with them
I have clear thoughts
I can swallow
I have a place to live
The car starts
There are fruits in the refrigerator
I have a place to live
I have keys to unlock and maybe that is the key
Having gratitude for everything and every place that I have been
I am grateful for good friends
For coconut bake and salt fish
And bread from the lady from First Citizens bank who gives me one just because
I am ever grateful for activists + allies+ people using their voices for movements because we are worthy of so much more
I am grateful for the trees + the air+ the Savannah on a Saturday morning + Chaguramas run on Sunday
I am grateful for plane rides across the world to places that I have only ever dreamed of
Oh to be grateful for the memories and the blessings.
For the heartbreak that is now behind me
I am grateful for the terrible days birthed by appreciation for tomorrow always coming
I am grateful for sunshine + rain for friends turned to family
Oh I am grateful oh so grateful to be whole healthy and here



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